11: Avoid Online Identity Theft with Cryptofuse

11: Avoid Online Identity Theft with Cryptofuse

Today’s guests are from Cryptofuse:

Andrew Couch
Luke Bateman
Michael Chinn


Meet Cryptofuse!
Probably the most exciting cast I have done to date, I literally see the world changing in this episode.

Where do I begin? Imagine not having to worry about online identity theft while paying on an online platform…because you are offline when you do it. What? Exactly, figure that one out. The answers to that and more in this episode!

Here are some takeaways:
1. Merchants make money when a customer pays with this hardware
2. The payment is guaranteed even when hardware is not online
3. Allows for lateral transfers from device to device offline

Reach out to this team of originals right here:
[email protected]

DO NOT MISS THIS ONE. History being made right here!

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