12: Geeta Nadkarni – To Stupid To Hear No?

12: Geeta Nadkarni – To Stupid To Hear No?


Good day H.I.T. Squad! I am pleased to introduce Geeta, very pleased actually because this woman changed the way I do business. After 50 years of me doing it my way and using countless mentors, coaches and consultants, I found a gem, insiders call her “wonder woman”!

Listen to the story in this episode of how Geeta set me up to make 40K in 4 days, how a simply 30 min coaching changed everything.

Geeta has been a journalist for over 20 years, since she was 14, the knowledge she has about publicity and press is mindboggling but the common-sense manner how she applies it, even more so.

Do not miss this episode!

Key Takeaways:
1. You need not be the most qualified to succeed
2. You know you made it when you have a Lifesize cardboard cutout of yourself
3. When others are hurting, look first in your life where that energy sits to get a better feel for what that energy is

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