20: Brilliant Compensation with Tim Sales

20: Brilliant Compensation with Tim Sales

In 1989, near the end of his tour with the US Navy Special Operations Tim Sales entered the Network Marketing profession by answering an ad in the Washington Post newspaper. Five years later his Network Marketing income had risen to over six figures per month with over 56,000 people within his organization from 20 different countries.
Tim is not a “motivation” speaker. He is a pragmatic trainer who takes Network Marketing and makes it something anybody can understand and succeed at.  He produced the video titled, “Brilliant Compensation” in 1998 which has been downloaded over 44 million times because it helps a person see Network Marketing for what it true is… a business.  His other tools, Professional Inviter and Professional Presenter, also contributed to the shift in the Network Marketing profession from a “part-time thing” to a true profession.
In addition, Tim was a teacher at the only university-affiliated Network Marketing Certificate Course offered by the University of Illinois at Chicago, interviewed by Larry King and Grant Cardone.
After 18 years of residual income, Tim’s network marketing company bought his business.
He missed building network marketing, started from scratch in 2011 as founding distributor and at present time he and his teams have generated over 200 million in annual sales with 57 millionaires on his team in only 7 years.
Joined NWM in 1989 while in US Navy Special Operations
In first 5 years income rose to over six figures per month
Retired, wrote Brilliant Compensation – downloaded over 44 million times.
Generic consultant to over 200 NWM companies & leaders
Teacher at University of Illinois at Chicago NWM certificate course.
Interviewed by Larry King & Grant Cardone.
Started building again in 2011, he and his teams are generating over 200 million annual sales with over 56 millionaires in 7 years.

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