21: Jesse Elder – Pain Is Only A Wakeup Call

21: Jesse Elder – Pain Is Only A Wakeup Call

Jesse Elder is a character like you have never met, I promise you. Most people tell a sad story, compare their new life to the old life, the difference is the impressive part, a fairly well-used strategy of storytelling to make an impact.

I have known Jesse for about a year now, enrolled in three of his programs and have brought friends to his courses and classes. Jesse is not one to dwell in the past to make an impact in his marketing, like those who base their marketing hook on their “what once was.”

When I first took a few classes, it was like a swift slap in the back of the neck and a poke in the ribs to wake the “F” up and realize that the now is what it is all about. Although I know and practice this, Jesse takes it to a whole new level.

In this case he made the statement that pain is a wakeup call to make a change, own your situation and make a change, and suffering is a story we tell ourselves that keep us there.

One gets really good at things you practice and negative self-dialog repeated over and over is practice in negativity.

This episode is arguably the most information-packed to date, listen in and take notes, this is a look into an otherwise private community.
Here is my top takeaway:

Pain is only a wakeup call, be thankful for it and embrace the message.

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