23: Turning Your Setbacks To Comebacks with Tim Storey

23: Turning Your Setbacks To Comebacks with Tim Storey

Tim Storey is an acclaimed speaker, author, and life coach helping people create the future they desire. He has inspired people from all walks of life — from entertainment legends to professional athletes, from executives to deprived children in 3rd world countries. He is known as The Comeback Coach.

His ability to listen and genuinely care for those he comes in contact with has led to unique favorability among some the most influential leaders in the world.

Join me in this invigorating and frank conversation with the man who hangs out with Oprah, Smokey Robinson, brad Pitt and more!

Contact Tim for Coaching here: Coaching: https://www.timstorey.com/business-development

Tim Storey’s Utmost app by StoreyStuff Inc. encourages the practice of mindfulness through meditative audio sessions with daily encouragements and insights on personal development. Download it HERE.

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