24: A Chat with The Marketing Mercenary, Ron Lynch

24: A Chat with The Marketing Mercenary, Ron Lynch

Ron Lynch is a legend among his friends and those who know him, many reasons stick out with me but the most important one is how he gives very freely of his knowledge and time, the call him “The Marketing Mercenary”. I met Ron in June last year on a private Island in Croatia, some may hear me mention the “Baby Bathwater Institute”, this was their annual European retreat where Ron was one of the presenters in the outdoor pavilion under a beautiful sky and surrounded by crystal clear waters, the last place you would typically want to sit and listen to a lecture…

Enter Ron Lynch: I was Riveted from the very beginning because Ron involved his audience from the very first word and gave us tools to use for mindset, business and life in general that simply filled the gaps. A humbler person is hard to find but his feedback is priceless, coupled with his very direct BS detector you are in for a treat when you meet Ron.

I know you will enjoy this episode greatly!

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