26: Humble Beginnings and Scaling with oVertone Founder, Maegan Scarlet

26: Humble Beginnings and Scaling with oVertone Founder, Maegan Scarlet

Maegan Scarlet is the founder of oVertone – founded by herself and her friend Lior, they are color fanatics, and are also busy people who understand busy people who are also color fanatics. When I say color, I mean hair color. Their product is a way to keep your hair healthy
and colorful every day, no matter how often you shampoo, buy infusing colorings into a conditioner, and the results are incredible, just check out this interview on my YouTube channel. They are doing something right, the product is flying off the shelf and with 269k
followers on Instagram, it is obvious much more success is on the way.

I met Maegan at the famous Baby Bathwater Island retreat in Croatia in 2018, although we did not have much time to chat, she and her partner really impressed me with the solid advice they gave my group when I did a FaceBook live interview. I knew I wanted her on the
show right then and there but I didn’t even have a Podcast yet! So almost a year later here we are!

Maegan quite frankly just blew my mind with her business acumen and accuracy in the business-related discussion, my hat goes off to this energetic business winner, very impressive.

I know you will enjoy this episode greatly!

Reach out to Maegan here:

Reach out, follow and like, this is one company to watch!

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