3 Ways You Could Be Sabotaging Your Relationship


3 Ways You Could Be Sabotaging Your Relationship

Relationships can be a lot of fun and give you the chance to share your life with someone special. However, you may be sabotaging your relationship without even realizing it. If you don’t seem as close with your partner as you used to or they have made a few complaints, it’s important to take a step back and see if you’re doing something that you shouldn’t.

You Keep Trying to Change Your Partner

You should be involved in a relationship with someone you love just the way that they are. If you are constantly criticizing them and getting them to change, why be with them in the first place? Any changes that they make should be voluntary. If you change what you love about the person, they aren’t going to be the same person any longer. Focus on what interested you about your partner in the first place. If there are aspects that you feel need to be changed, talk about them in a healthy and positive way. 

Source: Stop Trying to Change the People You Love

You May Be Viewing Pornography

93 percent of boys and 62 percent of girls surveyed say they were exposed to pornography before they turned 18. A sexual addiction can form without a person even realizing that it’s happening. Viewing pornography puts unobtainable standards on your relationship. Additionally, you’re constantly being attracted to those in the magazine or on the screen instead of your partner. Sexual addictions can be difficult to overcome. If you find yourself unable to resist pornography and can’t go a day without it, you may have to look at seeking help, such as with an ecclesiastical leader or a treatment center that specializes in this type of addiction.

Source: Sexual & Pornography Addiction Recovery

You’re Putting Other Things First

Whether you’re married, engaged or just dating, your partner wants to feel as though they are a priority, not an option. It’s important to prioritize your partner over some of the other things in your life. That doesn’t mean that you have to forget about all of your other obligations. However, you need to make time for them. Be sure that you allow a day for them if you’re allowing a day to go out with friends. If you have to work late, take the time to make it up to your partner so that they don’t think that they are on the back burner.
Source: Be Present in Your Relationship

Taking the time to self-reflect can help you identify what you’re doing wrong. Receiving help for addiction, not being able to communicate, or any other struggle isn’t a sign of weakness, but of strength. After overcoming, you can stop sabotaging your relationship, and focus on making it better.

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