30: Eliminating Mental Roadblocks with Erin Pheil

30: Eliminating Mental Roadblocks with Erin Pheil

Welcome to another Episode in the “Wonder Woman Series”, today with Erin Pheil, a truly one of a kind being, woman, power person and all-around exciting person.

I had a blast speaking with Erin, had a blast and I look forward to speaking again, but first listen up, she is not kidding around!
Erin is the founder of “MindFix Group” which is a method that will completely eliminate the mental roadblocks holding you back from achieving what you KNOW you’re capable of.

Sound simple? It is not at all but the outcome is amazing! Join me in this episode where Erin digs deep (and we laugh a bunch) on how common (and FRUSTRATING) it is for smart, highly successful people to get STUCK. To feel like there’s an invisible wall between them
and their goals and dreams.

The reason they’re stuck? These types of problems can’t be fixed by thinking harder. It’s only by identifying and eliminating the hidden root causes of our problem patterns that we can reach our maximum potential. And that’s why MindFix exists: to help high performers
and high achievers reach their true potential.

This is a great one H.I.T. Squad, take the time!

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