32: Determination and Strength with Elizabeth Calderon

32: Determination and Strength with Elizabeth Calderon

Welcome to another Episode in the “Wonder Woman Series”, today with Elizabeth Calderon, an active duty Sergeant First Class, Former Drill Sergeant, a competitive bodybuilder and currently stationed in South Carolina as an instructor at the Army Physical Fitness School and member of the now famous “Military Fresh Community”.
This is a very inspiring show, listen in how Elizabeth tried the military, then left, only to become even more determined to win and rejoin. How she then simply did it her way and excelled greatly.
I have to say this is not the military I remember, I am so glad to see such a strong, passionate and giving personality developed in the military.
With only 5 more years until retirement from the military, Elizabeth has some goals mapped out but for now, she is in her element and doing what she loves, it is very clear to see she is!

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