33: Start Up to Serial Entrepreneur with Henry Penix

33: Start Up to Serial Entrepreneur with Henry Penix

Welcome to another Episode of authentic, exciting personalities telling of their inspirational journey. This episode is with the serial entrepreneur Henry Penix.

Henry’s influence spans the globe. In business at an early age, he created and grew a startup from one employee to over 300, which led to a successful exit.

Henry has been featured on the television show Shark Tank representing his Tulsa based technology company, which has taken him around the world. His company garnered over 1-Billion media impressions worldwide and was featured in Oprah Magazine, Businessweek, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg’s and shown on Good Morning America, The Martha Stewart show and QVC.

Born from a life of simple means, Henry never forgets the value of a dollar. He is adamant about accountability and relentless in negotiations. When public speaking, he shares candidly his successes, but more importantly his lessons learned, so that others may benefit from the same.

Henry also consults with various companies around the globe, specializing in long term strategic planning and go-to-market strategies.

Most of all I was impressed with Henry’s humility and the fantastic conversation we had, enjoy the show!

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