36: Fighting Your Demons with Terry King

36: Fighting Your Demons with Terry King

Terry and his brothers lived off and on the streets with and sometimes without their abusive and spiritually lost father. They traveled to many states and lived in a lot of random homes.

His brothers eventually went into foster care and Terry shortly followed. He lived in foster care until he found his mom, then his mother went into a program to get cleaned up before she
could get them back. She had it pretty rough. Terry still learning her story to this day.

Terry experienced being homeless while taking care of his three brothers and did quite a few things he is not proud of in order to make sure they had food, clothes and extra money.

He now finds it difficult to stay put because he was not raised that way. It sometimes effects his relationships and work life.
Jump to today. After excelling in sports, being sponsored by a name brand sports company and still training to this day on his own for selection to the 2020 Olympics. Terry fights the demons and has made it his mission to care for and help women in need, starting with his mother and sister.

An impressive young man who I simply had to have on the show, enjoy this inspirational discussion.

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