39: What Goes Up… with Mistie Layne

39: What Goes Up… with Mistie Layne

Jun 25, 2019

This week I am joined my Mistie Layne, and what a discussion it was, such a compelling story, I was speechless and touched. I really cannot explain it, but the premise is from Medical School to crack and a 40-year prison sentence…listen in on how she changed all that to become a best-selling author and motivational speaker. Very inspiring. Her book “What goes up” tells the whole story Grab it here: https://mistielayne.com/get-the-book/

In Mistie’s words:
After high school, I developed a plan to become a surgeon and I was working my plan. I met my first husband after ten years in college, married young and started a family with two beautiful daughters.

Blind-sided with ADULTERY, my life changed abruptly just as I was going to medical school.  I spiraled into a whirlwind of DEPRESSION and SELF-DOUBT after he got another woman pregnant and ran off with her.  I internalized HIS behavior as MY fault and started seeking validation, self-worth and attention from anyone willing to give it to me.  Now completely vulnerable and depressed, I allowed cocaine into my life for the first time at age thirty-one.  Immediately, I fell prey to the horrific bondage addiction held over me while catapulting me down a dark and lonely path I had no knowledge of.  Cocaine, being demanding and jealous, robbed me of the next ten years of my life!  I shouldn’t even be alive with all the dangerous situations I put myself in.  I was abused mentally, physically and sexually leaving scars of guilt and shame.  The domestic abuse relationship I found myself in pretty much ruined me, leaving me stripped of my identity and self-will.  The ONLY good thing that came from this era was the birth of my awesome son.
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