8 Always Have a Mentor with Cat Howell

8 Always Have a Mentor with Cat Howell

Meet Cat Howell, truly one of a kind, truly original and massively authentic. I cannot say I have met many people like her in my 50+ years on the plant. Maybe because she understands something about life many don’t? Is it because of the journey or is it the mentors she raves about?
Whatever the case, from the first moment I met Cat I knew there was someone extraordinary in front of me, which is why I really wanted to capture her on film and in tone, so please welcome CAT Howell to the Hit Show!
Cat made her first million obscurely, no fanfare, no press and no big deal for anyone but her, now just about 5 years later, that first million led to many more. Successful in her own way, being her, Cat shows what a woman can accomplish without playing by the rules, she digs
deep and takes the listeners with her on her journey.

A truly inspirational and enjoyable podcast with Cat, I know you will enjoy it as well!

Here are some takeaways:
Always have a mentor
All the training, tools, websites and ideas mean little without the proper mindset.

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