“Delegate the Task, Never the Responsibility” – Steven Kuhn

Be Yourself: No One Does it Better Than You

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“Authenticity Dictates Market Value” – Steven Kuhn

If your business is not in growth mode and you need a boost and want to grow or scale then keep reading.

“True Belief is The Absence of All Doubt” – Steven Kuhn

Honesty, Integrity and Transparency Breeds True Authenticity

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Building a brand is like climbing a mountain. Many dangerous moves, false grips, false steps, slippery rocks, falling stones and that all can lead to a merciless fall of your business. But if you book a Branding Workshop with Steven, he will equip you with everything needed to climb to the top with your business and he will actually do it with you and your team. See you at the Top.

Silard Matrai from Budapest, Hungary / Owner at MLMPlus

Steven has specific qualities that are difficult to sum up in words, he is set apart from most leaders.
His has the ability to quickly turn around under performing and failing teams, motivate and inspire as well as drive with buy-in. The really unique part is his social conscience, demonstrating he is indeed a very thoughtful human being.

Gethin Webb from Geneva, Switzerland / Wealth Manager MWC Group

Steven is a great communicator, he pierced the heart of our business and helped us create our own unique identification and brand. We had the words, but Steven put music to it ( our business). I was really excited the way he included our employees, it gave them a voice, and also gave them a sense of ownership in regards to our unique position in our industry. I highly recommend his branding workshop.

Dr. John McLean from Florida, United States / Owner at Healthier U Jupiter

Steven is a winner. His life experiences combined with his business acumen provide an excellent coaching platform, polished off with his energetic presentation skills. Highly recommended.

Chris Cooper from Sutton Coldfield, U. K. / Founder & Chief Meal Provider

Steven performs incredibly in international environments as well as being an innovator in the more traditional corporate structures. He has always brought with him his own set of standards which he maintains above and beyond any external influences. He always operates with a high degree of personal integrity and expects it back, and gets it from those with whom he works. Truly one of a kind.

Jonathan Hollands from Hong Kong, China / Managing Director at Carraway Group

Steven is one of those unforgettable personalities who can change your life and/or business. Most of my performance background I still carry with me comes from our mentoring sessions and training in Vienna.
Thanks Steven.

Marc-Oliver Rossi from Marbella, Spain / Key Account Manager at Sol Group

I had the pleasure of working with Steven in both Switzerland and Austria. Steven is an out and out motivator, the guy you go to in order to turn a group of individuals into a performance team. Never one to shy away from a challenge, Steve creates positivity wherever he goes and gives a clear and accountable direction. If your business needs inspiration, direction or you simply need to make more sales or gain customers, I would recommend that you get in touch with Steven.

Paul Weighton from Warwick, U.K. / Regional Director at Nuffield Health

Tenconi . Steven showed us a whole new perspective on how revenue growth can be trained, installed and turned into a “best practice” habit, how buy in really works when it’s done right and how developing a positive team culture leads to belief that can really rocket them to success.

James Tenconi from London, U.K. / Consultant at RCC Recruiting

Steven is a force of nature. If you need to go somewhere, he will get you there. Period. Only one mentoring session was the difference between wondering, and knowing, what the outcome of an important meeting would be.

Philipp Schoeffmann from Vienna, Austria / Partner at Eight Ventures

Steven is an amazing leader and mentor. He delivered a three-day in-house workshop on leadership for our senior management. His presentation and facilitation skills are second to none. He has a unique talent in presenting complex matters in a well-structured and comprehensible manner. Steven helped us gain clarity on strategic objectives, leadership styles as well as the secrets of successful strategy execution. Steven’s expertise and approach is fresh and innovative in a challenging business world.

Michael Kabat from Warsaw, Poland / Development Manager

I have experienced Steven to be a Leader by example whilst cultivating significant results in those he mentors.
His drive and passion is a force to be reckoned with. His overall dedication produces winners and winning results.
Steven consistently outshines the competition, which is the reason for his sustained success and popularity.

Shaune Anthony D Brown from New York City, United States / VP at Investors Bank

Extraordinary character and empowering team leader, Steven facilitated a fast paced professional growth & development during my time under his wing. He has been my mentor and always demanded the best performance and top results. His positiveness, motivation and go-getter attitude was a true inspiration that fuels ambition to grow, learn and succeed.

Banafshe Esfahani from Tehran, Iran / Embassy Management Assistant & Athlete