“Delegate the Task, Never the Responsibility” – Steven Kuhn

Be Yourself: No One Does it Better Than You

Having a unique and interesting past, coupled with unparalleled experience in the political and business arenas all over the Western Hemisphere, makes Steven’s Key Note speeches something very special, unique, and authentic. As a seasoned turnaround and start-up specialist, Steven lives and breathes success through intuition. When he speaks and mentors, his intuitive presentation style ensures that no two presentations are the same. Feeding off of the audience’s energy and direction, constant adjustments are made in order to nurture engagement, inspiration, and learning.

Tailored to your specific business, product or goal, the result is an inspired and motivated organization or team, who then recognizes their unique identities and have pride in who and what your company, team or business is, and its true potential.

Honesty, Integrity & Transparency (H.I.T.)

The H.I.T Principle – How Mindfully Applying Honesty, Integrity, and Transparency Will Have An Immediate Positive Impact On Your Quality Of Life

The Humble Man

The Humble Man – How To Reconnect With Your Primal Masculinity and End Anxiety and Overwhelm In Your Life.

A'int Got Time To Bleed

“A’int Got Time To Bleed” – Dominating Your Marketplace Through The Surgical Application of Entrepreneurial Effort. We focus on immediate impact revenue generation so you have peace of mind to create and grow (or turn around) your business. 


“Authenticity Dictates Market Value” – Steven Kuhn

If your business is not in growth mode and you need a boost and want to grow or scale then keep reading. 
Many are reluctant to ask for help that could literally collapse year-long struggles for revenue into a few months or even weeks.
They feel if they just hit that next revenue target, everything will change…it won’t, sorry to say. Isn’t it time to get your business where you know it should be, where you want it to be? 

Let me Show You The Most Reliable and Easiest Way to Create Immediate Revenue.

Team & Group Mentoring

  • On Site, in your office, with your team or on a retreat
  • Online with you and your team
  • Business Optimisation modules
  • Performance Enhancement in Team or Leadership
  • Teamwork and Leadership Sessions
  • Branding Workshops (Best Seller)

Personal Consulting & Coaching

  • In person at your location or on a retreat
  • Online - one on one
  • Business Growth modules
  • Personal Performance Strategy
  • Self Leadership: be Who You Are Meant to be (#1 booked)
“True Belief is The Absence of All Doubt” – Steven Kuhn

Honesty, Integrity and Transparency Breeds True Authenticity

The key to success in any organisation large or small, national or international, start-up or turn around, rests on clear and precise procedures and structures and putting the right people in the right positions. With these extensive workshops providing hands on instruction, in-business mentoring and tangible results, you will need a strong mind, and even stronger will to succeed in these business and life changing workshops.

Have a special retreat idea? We can make it happen, simply write us and we work out the details.

Elegant Branding (Best Seller)


How Branding Can Be Pleasingly Ingenious, Simple, and Outlandishly Effective: Key for internal and external communication to staff, investors and the customer.
This quick but very intense workshop is perfect for start-up’s and or turn around projects.

Custom Workshops & Retreats


These extensive, hands on workshops go into the business and pinpoint the areas needed for optimisation, we work with you personally and directly to set the proper procedures and structures for your specific needs, this is not a cookie cutter solution. We then coach your team with you as a key integral part of the constellation.

Don't just take our word, listen to what someone else had to say.

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