Why You Can’t Let Stress Control Your Life


Why You Can’t Let Stress Control Your Life

When things don’t go your way, you get stressed. Everyone can relate to feeling like their problems are stacking up with no means of controlling them. What’s dangerous isn’t the stress but how you respond to it. Stress might be an inevitable part of life, but you don’t need to be controlled by it.

Why Stress is So Dangerous

Stress is a bit like cholesterol. A bit is fine and can even be good for you. However, too much and you’re putting your health in jeopardy. Stress could lead to high blood pressure, trouble sleeping, and even marital problems. Stress is one of the most common causes of divorce. You might think that you’re good at holding stress in, but it can quickly reach a boiling point and cause you to do and say things that you regret. Relationships are all hurt by stress. You might be holding in stress so much that it doesn’t even register for you until you destress.

Managing it Effectively

Trying to suppress or deny your stress is just asking for more trouble. You need to learn how to keep control of your stress. When you’re feeling stressed, take yourself out of the stressful situation as best as you can. If you can leave the room you’re in, do so. Should you be feeling stressed in a situation you can’t leave, such as being stuck in traffic, practice deep breathing exercises. Aromatherapy works well for many people. Exercise, a regular athletic routine is a must for anyone who wants to reduce stress. Get a gym membership and see what a difference it means when you start going regularly. Be careful to monitor your usage of things like alcohol or any other activity or product that can turn into addiction. Stress can quickly spiral into a loss of control.

Avoiding Stress

The number of stressful situations that we can reduce through making better decisions is significant. Stress comes about when you leave too much to chance. Procrastination is one habit you need to shake off if you want to be less stressed. When you ask yourself if you should do something now or in the future, the answer is almost always to do it now. There is never any consequence to getting a headstart on things. Be proactive in taking of your mental health, don’t just wait for situations to get worse before you start trying to solve problems. This is a great way to pre-emptively avoid stress.

Stress craves your frustration just as how fire is fueled by lighter fluid. You can acknowledge stress without giving it the satisfaction of ruling over you. The next time you’re feeling stressed, avoid an impulse negative reaction and let your stress exist while you focus on a solution.

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